Lady Gaga Telephone

"Telephone" is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga from her third extended play (EP), and second major release The Fame Monster (2009), featuring American R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles. The song was written by Gaga and Rodney Jerkins. The main inspiration of the song was Gaga's fear of not being able to enjoy herself because of her dedication to her career, hence the lyrics portray the singer as preferring the dance floor, rather than answering her lover's phone calls. Gaga explained that the telephone addressed in the lyrics of the song, is in reality a person telling her to continue working harder. Musically, the song consists of an expanded bridge, verse-rap and an epilogue, where the voice of an operator announces that the phone line is not reachable. Knowles appears in the middle of the song, singing the verses in a rapid-fire way, accompanied by double beats.
"Telephone" was appreciated by contemporary critics who frequently noted it as a stand-out track from The Fame Monster. The song charted in a number of countries due to digital sales, namely in the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and Hungary, following the album's release. The song has been particularly successful in Europe, reaching the top of the charts in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom. Lady Gaga performed an acoustic rendition of "Telephone" mixed with "Dance in the Dark" at the 2010 BRIT Awards in memory of Alexander McQueen. It was also added to the 2010 setlist of The Monster Ball Tour.

Gaga explained that the music video is a continuation of the video for "Paparazzi", and is also shot as a short film. The video features Gaga in a prison, from where she gets bailed out by Beyoncé. Soon after, they go to a diner where they kill the guests having breakfast. Gaga and Knowles escape from the diner, and end up in a high speed police chase. Paying homage to Quentin Tarantino and his films Kill Bill (2003–04) and Pulp Fiction (1994) and Callie Khouri's Thelma & Louise, the video was positively received by critics. The song received a Grammy nomination in the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category.Lady Gaga originally wrote "Telephone", with Rodney Jerkins, for Britney Spears. However, after Spears' label rejected it Gaga recorded the song as a collaboration with Beyoncé Knowles for The Fame Monster.Gaga said, "I wrote it for her a long time ago and she just didn't use it for her album. It's fine because I love the song and I get to perform it now."Additionally, the guest vocalist was originally going to be Spears, but ultimately Gaga made Knowles the featured vocalist instead.
The main inspiration behind the song was Gaga's fear of suffocation as she felt that she seldom found time to just let loose and have fun. She further clarified,
Fear of suffocation—something that I have or fear is never being able to enjoy myself, ... 'Cause I love my work so much, I find it really hard to go out and have a good time. ... I don't go to nightclubs, ... You don't see pictures of me falling out of a club drunk. I don't go—and that's because I usually go and then, you know, a whiskey and a half into it, I got to get back to work.

"Telephone" was written by Lady Gaga, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Lazonate Franklin and Knowles. Although constructed as a duet, Knowles first appearance is in the middle verse. She sings her lyrics through a brief interlude, and later backs the chorus during the rest of the song. The song starts off unassumingly, with Gaga singing in a solemn voice over a harp melody, which changes immediately to a pounding beat. Essentially, Gaga is in a club and her boyfriend keeps ringing, but she can not talk as she was drinking and dancing to her favourite song. The chorus runs as follows: "Stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to talk anymore."

"Telephone" consists of an expanded bridge, verse-rap and an epilogue where a voice announces that the telephone line is not reachable at that moment.According to the sheet music published at by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the song is set in the time signature of common time, with a tempo of 122 beats per minute. Gaga's vocals range from the low-note of F3 to the high-note of C5. It is set in the key of F minor, specifically, F Dorian mode, and has a basic sequence of Fm–A♭–B♭–Fm as its chord progression."Telephone"'s lyrics relate to the singer preferring the dance floor to answering someone's call. The verses are sung in a rapid-fire way, accompanied by double beats.According to Gaga, the phone addressed in the lyrics of the song is not a physical phone, but a person in her head telling her to keep working harder and harder. Gaga explained, "That's my fear—that the phone's ringing and my head's ringing, ... Whether it's a telephone or it's just the thoughts in your head, that's another fear."

Love, Love, Love Jason Mraz feat Hope

Hope ft. Jason Mraz - Love Love Love

On September 13, 2010, Mraz was featured on the single "Love, Love, Love" by Hope

Love,Love,Love Clips Video
Jason Mraz on White Clothes
Jason Mraz feat Hope
Jason Mraz Playing Guitar
Jason Mraz Singing Love,Love,Love
Hope in Curly Hair

Selena Gomez Trust in Me

Selena Gomez Trust in Me Song

Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American actress, singer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador; best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the television movies Another Cinderella Story, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, and Princess Protection Program. In 2010, Gomez made her theatrical film debut as Beatrice "Beezus" Quimby in Ramona and Beezus. She is also the lead singer for the pop rock band Selena Gomez & the Scene.
Before Disney, she had one of the kid roles on Barney & Friends. In 2008, she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and contributed to the Tinker Bell, Another Cinderella Story and Wizards of Waverly Place soundtracks.

"Trust in Me (The Python's Song)" is a song in the widely popular Walt Disney film, The Jungle Book, from 1967. The song was sung by Sterling Holloway playing the part of "Kaa, the snake". The song was written by Disney staff songwriters, Robert and Richard Sherman. In the song, Kaa hypnotizes Mowgli, placing him under a trance. As the song concludes, Kaa readies himself to devour the boy, only to be stopped by Shere Khan the tiger in his search for Mowgli.The Shermans were brought onto the film by Walt Disney due to Disney's feeling that the interpretation was keeping too true to the Rudyard Kipling book. In a deliberate effort to keep the score "light", this song as well as the Sherman Brothers' other contributions generally concern darker subject matter than the accompanying music would suggest. In the case of this song, Kaa speaks and sings with a subtle, lilting lisp giving the song a humorous dimension that it would not otherwise have.The song started as "The Land of Sand, " a song that was written originally for the 1964 musical film, Mary Poppins. The song was later discarded when the Sherman Brothers were called upon to write songs for The Jungle Book. The lyric for the "Land of Sand" was scrapped and in its place the Shermans wrote the lyric for "Trust in Me", melody intact.

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Avril Lavigne Marriage

Avril Ramona Lavigne (born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, but spent the majority of her youth in the small town, Napanee, Ontario. By the age of 15, she had appeared on stage with Shania Twain, and by 16, Lavigne had signed a recording contract with Arista, now RCA Records. Record executive Antonio "L.A." Reid offered her a two-album deal worth more than $2 million. When she was 17 years old, Lavigne broke onto the music scene with her debut album, Let Go, released in 2002.

Lavigne and Deryck Whibley, lead singer and guitarist for punk band Sum 41, began dating when she was 19 years old, after being friends since she was 17. Only a few weeks before they met, Lavigne had publicly stated that she was having trouble meeting boys because her bodyguards scared them away. In June 2005, Whibley surprised Lavigne with a trip to Venice, including a gondola ride and a romantic picnic, and on 27 June, he proposed to her.[
She initially wanted to have a "rock n' roll, goth wedding", but she admitted to having doubts about going against tradition. "I've been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I have to wear the white dress.... People thought that I would [wear a] black wedding dress, and I would have. But at the same time, I was thinking about the wedding pictures, and I wanted to be in style. I didn't want to be thinking, 20 years later, 'Oh, why did I wear my hair like that?'"

The wedding was held on 15 July 2006. About 110 guests attended the wedding, which was held at a private estate in Montecito, California. Lavigne, wearing a gown designed by Vera Wang walked down the aisle with her father, Jean-Claude, to Mendelssohn's "Wedding March". Lavigne chose a colour theme of red and white, including red rose petals and centerpieces of distinctly coloured flowers. The wedding included cocktails for an hour before the reception and a sit-down dinner. The song "Iris", by the Goo Goo Dolls, was played during Lavigne and Whibley's first dance.
Seven months into their marriage, Lavigne stated that she was "the best thing that's ever happened to him", and suggested that she helped Whibley stay off drugs since they'd begun dating. "He doesn't do drugs. Clearly, he used to, because he talked about it, but I wouldn't be with someone who did, and I made that very clear to him when we first started dating. I've never done cocaine in my life, and I'm proud of that. I am 100 percent against drugs." The marriage lasted a little more than three years. It was announced on 17 September 2009 that Lavigne and Whibley had split up and that divorce papers would soon follow. On 9 October 2009, Lavigne filed for divorce, releasing the statement, "I am grateful for our time together, and I am grateful and blessed for our remaining friendship." The divorce was finalized on 16 November 2010, officially ending the marriage.

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Britney Spears Womanizer

"Womanizer" is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears from her sixth studio album, Circus. It was released on September 26, 2008 by Jive Records as the lead single of the album. Produced and co-written by Nikesha Briscoe and Rafael Akinyemi of The Outsyders, the song had to be re-recorded after a snippet was leaked onto the web. "Womanizer" is an uptempo electropop song with characteristically sirens and a repetitive hook. Described by Spears as a girl anthem, the song's lyrics recall a womanizing man, while the protagonist of the song makes clear she knows who he really is

"Womanizer" was well-received by contemporary critics, with reviewers complimenting its hook and empowering lyrics, while deeming it as a comeback single for Spears. "Womanizer" was a commercial success, peaking atop of the charts in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and the United States. It also reached the top ten in Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many European countries. In the United States, "Womanizer" was her first single to reach number-one since "...Baby One More Time" in 1999. It is also her best-selling digital song in the country, having sold over 3 million copies.

The music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, was created by Spears as a sequel to the music video of "Toxic". It portrays Spears as a woman who disguises herself in different costumes and follows her boyfriend through his daily activities to expose him in the end. The video also contains interspersed scenes of Spears naked in a steam room, as a response to the attacks she had received over the years about her weight. It received positive reviews and was considered as a return to form for Spears. The video was also nominated for two categories at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and went on to win Best Pop Video.
Spears performed "Womanizer" on several television shows including The X Factor and Good Morning America, as well as award shows such as the 2008 Bambi Awards. It was the closing song of The Circus Starring Britney Spears, where she performed it wearing a policewoman uniform. The song has been covered by a number of artists from different genres, including Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand and Girls Aloud. It received a Grammy nomination in 2010 in the Best Dance Recording category, but lost to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".

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Celine Dion Taking Chances

"Taking Chances" is a single by songwriter Kara DioGuardi and ex-Eurythmics member Dave Stewart's band Platinum Weird, taken from their unreleased self-titled album. The song was originally released in February 2007, and later made famous by a cover version by Céline Dion, released in September 2007. It was also featured in an episode of Fox Network's new show Glee with lead vocals by Lea Michele.
Music and structure
The line 'Talk to me, like lovers do, walk with me, like lovers do' is originally from the Eurythmics' 1984 song "Here Comes the Rain Again" written by David A. Stewart and Annie Lennox.
Music video
The music video for "Taking Chances" is simple, featuring Stewart and Dio Guardi performing the song with a band indoors in monochrome. This music video is shot in the same style as Platinum Weird's two former videos, "Happiness" and "Will You Be Around."
Uses in popular culture
The song was featured in an episode of Jennifer Lopez's MTV reality TV show, Da
nceLifeAn extended version of the song was used in the video submission from Stewart's hometown football (soccer) club, Sunder land AFC for their 2018 World Cup venue bid.

Céline Dion covered "Taking Chances" as the lead single and the title track from her 2007 English language album Taking Chances. The song premiered on the radio on September 10, 2007 and was released as a music download on September 18, 2007 in the United States and Europe. "Taking Chances" CD single was released on October 24, 2007 in Japan, between October 25 and November 12, 2007 in Europe, and on November 3, 2007 in Australia and New Zealand.
Dion's version was recorded on April 7, 2007 and produced by Grammy Award-winner John Shanks. Kara DioGuardi also wrote and co-produced with Emanuel Kiriakou "Surprise Surprise" for the Taking Chances album. She has already written few songs for Céline Dion in the past, including "One Heart." The latter was co-written and co-produced by John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, and released as a single in 2003. John Shanks also produced five other songs on Taking Chances.
The track "Taking Chances" was included later on the 2008 greatest hits My Love: Essential Collection.
The song was nominated for the Single of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2009. It was also voted one of the top 20 pop songs of 2007 by
On October 27, 2007 Céline Dion appeared on the fourth series of the British talent contest, The X Factor, as a mentor to the show's contestants. She also performed "Taking Chances" on the live show which was the world exclusive debut and her first UK performance for five years. Later, on November 18, 2007 she performed the song live at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. "Taking Chances" became also a part of the Taking Chances Tour set list. The audio and footage of this performance was included in the Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert CD/DVD.
Music video
The music video, directed by Paul Boyd, was filmed in three days, between September 15-17, 2007 in several different locations, in the Las Vegas area. The video is narrative heavy, as only one of the three shoot days was spent on performance. It includes a guest appearance by Platinum Weird member Dave A. Stewart. He described his cameo appearance as playing "a kind of enigmatic 'boss' character from a James Bond movie," and also commented that it was about 100°F during filming.

Celine Dion Taking Chances Song

The video was released on October 16, 2007. and Columbia Records released also on September 10, 2007 the exclusive premiere of the new Céline Dion song and in-studio video "Taking Chances" on Amazon's website.
Both, the music video and the recording sessions can be found on the Japan only released Ultimate Box. In early 2008, the video was re-edited to fit the club remix, called Jason Nevins radio edit.

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Shakira New Song "Rabiosa"

Rabiosa is one of song in Shakira's new album Sale El Sol. Sale el Sol (English: The Sun Comes Out) is the seventh studio album by Colombian latin pop singer-songwriter Shakira, released on October 19, 2010. The album cover was released on August 31, 2010. In a promotion strategy, Los 40 Principales in Spain premiered the album on streaming on October 12, one week before the album release. On December 6, 2010, Sony Music announced that the album had sold over 1 million copies worldwide in 6 weeks.

Shakira New Song "Rabiosa"

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Jennifer Lopez Twins Baby

When his divorce proceedings began, Anthony was spotted with long-time friend Jennifer Lopez. Prior to his first marriage and her second, they had briefly dated. Lopez and Anthony recorded a duet in 2004, for Lopez's film Shall We Dance? Lopez and Anthony married on June 5, 2004, less than a week after his divorce was finalized on June 1. Guests had been invited to an "afternoon party", unaware they were attending a wedding. In February 2005, Lopez said about the marriage, "Everyone knows. It's not a secret." Months later, Anthony's daughter, Arianna, appeared Lopez's "Get Right".

On November 8, 2007, Anthony and Lopez confirmed to fans in a Miami concert that Lopez was pregnant. Twins Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximillian David Muñiz were born February 22, 2008. People paid $6 million for the first photos of the twins.
In 2009, Anthony and Lopez purchased a stake in the Miami Dolphins. They joined several personalities in buying small stakes in the club, including Gloria and Emilio Estefan and Venus and Serena Williams.

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J-Lo Going Out Side with Her Twins Baby